April 2017

April 2017


I will be finishing up my six-week, all-day weekend ceramics class at St. Joseph’s this month. (My other weekday class will be wrapping up next month.) Time flies! Can’t believe this will be my third semester as a permanent adjunct there.


Good news for those who have survived cancer and would like to take a ceramics class with me. I will be teaching once a week during July for the Creative Center. Contact me if you want more information.


And for all you guys on the west coast, particularly the ones lucky enough to live or visit Laguna Beach, California: My woody wagon (along with some assorted smaller cars) will be coming your way soon! I will be showing at the Coastal Eddy gallery. Stay tuned for more details.

September 2014.

 I had a busy month. My work was shown on 57th street at the Nippon Club, very prestigious address. I am in the 'art in clay' show at the Red Hook piers BWAC space. and at Art School at Old Church in Demarest New Jersey. All these shows had openings that were very well attended and my work drew lots of compliments. Its always nice to hear peoples appreciation of ones artwork.

 Now its October and I am teaching and building new projects. The next car is a Wolseley 4/50 from 1948. It will have an oil drilling jack on the back. This is because I believe that if you want to drive an internal combustion engine car in the future you best be prepared to mine your own oil, cause there probably wont be much left.

Fall 2014.

 This summer I taught at Kwei Luck summer school and the kids there were fantastic. The ceramics made by some of the ten year old girls exceeded my best expectations and even though it was all air dry clay the work was spek-tak-U-lar.

 This Fall I am again teaching at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest New Jersey. Terrific art school if you don't know it. I have a piece in the upcoming 561 show this September, Please see events. I am also teaching at The Hudson Guild in Chelsea New York, I will be demonstrating hand building and slip casting techniques as well as glaze methods for porcelain.

 My third gig is at New York League in the East Village where I will be teaching students to build containers to keep their secrets. We all have secrets...

 So in a world thats all messed up and getting rather foreboding there are some things we can still enjoy and ceramics is my big one.. I have a lot of new vehicles that are ready for glaze firing and when they are done I will post them.

Ceramics at TASC

The Pottery Wheel and More, Throwing and altering clay

Make creative inventive pots by throwing vessels and adding hand-built elements to them. the wheel is one tool you can use to make pottery - use it alone or combine it with hand-building techniques to create interesting art forms or functional items. Work on your wheel skills at your own pace as you receive individual instruction. Be guided from start to finnish and bring your idea to life in clay. from tea cups to teapots, vases, plates and other forms We will go from concept to completed work. Join my classes at The Art School at Old Church 

 561 Piermont Road, Demarest New Jersey. Call 201 767 7160.

 I teach adults on Fridays from 12:30 to 3:30pm and teens on Thursday nights from7:00 to 9:30pm Starting April third and forth and ending June fifth and thirteenth.


 Please come and have some fun while learning something new. The best therapy you'll ever have!!!

Grounds for sculpture

Back in September Jean and I went down to Grounds for Sculpture outside Trenton New Jersey for a pig iron pouring. We made negative sand carvings into which the molten iron was poured. It was a fun day full of surprises especially when we got caught in a spray of molten sparks when a mold expolded. here are some images from the day.

Motorcycles in Queens

This past Sunday I went to see some amazing motorcycles at the last functioning farm in Queens, New York. There were Hogs and Harleys there. Indians and Kawasakis. Vintages from 1932 and gleaming new Beemers. 

 The crowd of thumping engines was quite a contrast to the chickens pecking for scraps behind a fence. The bikers wore leather and boots even though the day was getting toasty. I noticed something that Harley Davidson should be aware of, there are no young bikers. The average age is about 60 and mostly male. Better make some motorcycle app if you going to attract a younger crowd, HD.

 I like to make clay motorcycles. The challenge to me is to make as many parts that work as possible so I get wheels to turn and front forks to swivel. That why I was there to catch some spirit of bikeness and infuse it into my sculptures. 

 If you have a motorcycle that you adore, please send me a pic of it. It might get turned into a sculpture.

My first post

   This is the end of summer 2013 and the start of a new website for me. My old website had become an antique. It was old and crusty. So now I have compiled images of artworks that I have made recently as well as some from the past twenty years in New York.

 The combination of ceramics, painting and digital photography is a collection of my creative output inspired by my observations of the world I around me. I hope you enjoy looking at these works and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you have any answers I would be interested in those too.