Fall 2014.

 This summer I taught at Kwei Luck summer school and the kids there were fantastic. The ceramics made by some of the ten year old girls exceeded my best expectations and even though it was all air dry clay the work was spek-tak-U-lar.

 This Fall I am again teaching at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest New Jersey. Terrific art school if you don't know it. I have a piece in the upcoming 561 show this September, Please see events. I am also teaching at The Hudson Guild in Chelsea New York, I will be demonstrating hand building and slip casting techniques as well as glaze methods for porcelain.

 My third gig is at New York League in the East Village where I will be teaching students to build containers to keep their secrets. We all have secrets...

 So in a world thats all messed up and getting rather foreboding there are some things we can still enjoy and ceramics is my big one.. I have a lot of new vehicles that are ready for glaze firing and when they are done I will post them.