Motorcycles in Queens

This past Sunday I went to see some amazing motorcycles at the last functioning farm in Queens, New York. There were Hogs and Harleys there. Indians and Kawasakis. Vintages from 1932 and gleaming new Beemers. 

 The crowd of thumping engines was quite a contrast to the chickens pecking for scraps behind a fence. The bikers wore leather and boots even though the day was getting toasty. I noticed something that Harley Davidson should be aware of, there are no young bikers. The average age is about 60 and mostly male. Better make some motorcycle app if you going to attract a younger crowd, HD.

 I like to make clay motorcycles. The challenge to me is to make as many parts that work as possible so I get wheels to turn and front forks to swivel. That why I was there to catch some spirit of bikeness and infuse it into my sculptures. 

 If you have a motorcycle that you adore, please send me a pic of it. It might get turned into a sculpture.